The Xario ultrasound system delivers an abundance of features that promote operator comfort and ease of movement while streamlining workflow. Xario's user interface enables efficient operation, thanks to push-button simplicity. The programmable user interface adapts easily to changing clinical needs and the preferences of multiple operators.
Consistent with our Made for Life philosophy, the Xario includes hardware and software applications that improve the patient experience and enhance interaction. With its state-of-the-art intelligent design, Xario helps perform a fast, quiet and accurate ultrasound exam.
Patient exams are always quiet and comfortable with iASSIST wireless remote allowing the technician to control the user interfact without voice commands.
Patient viewing of monitor is enhanced with a 17" flat panel monitor which rotates and articulates for easy viewing.
A comprehensive set of advanced applications address today's clinical needs including general imaging, radiology applications, cardiovascular applications, doppler, color doppler, 3D/4D imaging and more..
Multi-view: Captures volume data sets, reducing the need for additional patient scanning
4D Imaging: Multidimensional images moving in real time
ApliPure: Real-time spatial and frequency compounding technology
Advanced Dynamic Flow: Enhanced color flow imaging
Quick Scan: One touch image optimization
Panoramic View: Extra wide field of view
Fast Fusion 3D: Integrated grey scale and color imaging
Packing more time-saving features into a smaller space than anything in its class, Xario holds the key to improving productivity.
Faster start-up, throughput and image processing are provided by the proprietary Intelligent Component Architecture computing platform
Advanced imaging technologies help reduce operator fatigue, speed-up exams and improve study standardization
iStyle ergonomics increases comfort, convenience and mobility to improve staff and patient safety
Xario was created for intuitive operation to improve productivity and diagnostic accuracy. Exclusive to Toshiba, the iStyle state-of-the-art intelligent design package includes workflow advancements:
Increased field-of-view, with 19-inch, flat panel display that rotates and articulates for better operator and patient viewing
Shortened scan time with the programmable main panel, screen layout and touch control screen menu
Automated operator preferences and clinical requirements with the iTouch's customizable keyboard
With exceptional penetration and spatial resolution, the Xario probes with XBT technology for unsurpassed bandwidth and outstanding sensitivity
Improved portability with a smaller footprint and swivel casters that lock for front or rear steering
With iASSIST, optimum scanning conditions are easily reproduced in routine or highly complex exams
Achieve enhanced image quality, shorter scan times and greater workflow
consistency with One-Touch Quick Scan. At the push of a button, Quick Scan
automatically optimizes 2D gain level with acoustic precision while suppressing
white noise in echo-weak regions.
iASSIST is a Bluetooth enabled remote control provides seamless operation of Xario from up to 30 feet away.
Automatically perform exams based on user-defined and activated protocols
Reproduce routine and highly complex exams repeatedly using optimum scanning conditions
Share user-defined protocols with other Xario systems for multi-center studies
Operate with handheld convenience in noisy environments with no line-of-sight limitations
Customize the iASSIST Bluetooth remote control for convenient right- or left-hand operation
Greater networking ability to maximize utility
Increasing the clinical utility of ultrasound, Xario provides plug-and-play IHE compatibility for simple connectivity with any size hospital or physician network.
Conduct meetings more efficiently with instant access to images and information
Send and receive ultrasound studies over the Internet for evaluation or archival
Review examination results remotely with password protected downloading of data